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  • We are specialists in fertility treatments, tests
    and psychological counselling
    for our patients
  • In vitro fertilisation with the leaders
    in the assisted reproduction field.
  • Help other women through
    embryo donation for later transfers.
  • We work for our
    patient's satisfaction.
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In vitro fertilisation in Barcelona

In Barcelona IVF we are specialists in in vitro fertilisation, assisted reproduction treatments, fertility tests both for men and women and psychological counselling for our patients. We carry out different fertility techniques with the latest technologies and the best team in the assisted reproduction field. If you are considering treatments abroad, in vitro fertilisation in Barcelona IVF is a great choice due to our experience, our team and our facilitites. For more personal information about in vitro fertilisation in Barcelona, please contact us through the contact box, or ask for a phone call through the call me button.